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Toddler II Program

( 30-40 months )

Your child will learn to recognize letters and some letter sounds add two groups of concrete objects by counting and begin to understand the concept of yesterday, today and tomorrow. This well-rounded program includes Physical Fitness program and a Christian Curriculum. Skills learned during this period include recognizing letter names, catching a bounced ball and beginning to understand the concept of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Language and Literacy

Children experiment with different letter sounds and start to explore characters and story plots


Group activities help children learn to follow directions, take turns and develop friendships

Creative Expression

Children explore the traditions of other cultures and learn Spanish vocabulary for farm animals, family members and numbers 1-10


Children explore number concepts and practice comparing, classifying and measuring. They begin using number lines.


Children practice fine motor skills with puzzles and improve balance through fun activities

Science & Social Studies

Children perform simple experiments, learn about the weather, and compare personal characteristics

Digital Interactions

Children are introduced to basic technology vocabulary and begin to use the mouse and keyboard

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