Preschool II

Welcome to the Preschool II Program

( 4 years and above )

Our Preschool 2 program is geared toward having the children become more independent in their environment. With a positive environment, your child will gain essential academic and social-emotional skills to succeed in kindergarten. We will strive to teach your child self-regulation skills and effective communication skills. For example, providing proper techniques to handle conflicts with others as well as their emotions will help them with their self-esteem and confidence. Our curriculum is designed to focus on age-appropriate academic subjects and developmental stages:

Language & Literacy: They will learn to name all the letters (upper- and lowercase) in the alphabet and the sounds of the letters and begin recognizing sight words. They also will be introduced to rhyming words, and word families, and practice reading books for beginners.

Mathematics: We will focus on recognizing and writing numbers, sequencing, and comparing & contrast. They also will be introduced to graphing and learning how to tell time.

Science & Discovery: Science is curiosity and observing the world by watching, listening, and recording. We will explore causes and effects as well as the scientific principles of investigation and perform simple experiments.

Social Studies: Children will study people, cultures, past and present, our community, and all over the world. They also will explore space, maps, and their immediate environment.

Every week your child will have the opportunity to reinforce what they learned by doing homework. Homework is sent home on Fridays. We ask that they complete their assignments and return them to school on Monday.